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The Alexander Engineering Port Crossflow Cylinder Head The first Crossflow Head for the A Series Engine..In its simplest terms, an internal combustion engine is nothing more than an air pump. The more air that’s drawn into a cylinder as the intake valve opens and closes, the more intense the combustion event is when the appropriate amount of fuel is added, and that translates into greater potential for horsepower and torque..Two Cylinder EK. The EK series is a straight twin two stroke cycle with early air cooled versions later replaced with water cooled configurations in . The engine was upgraded to a four stroke SOHC in to meet Japanese Government emission regulations..Can’t decide between oval port or rectangular port cylinder heads? Check out this basic guideline to help you make the correct decision..

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Image Result For A Series Port Cylinder Heada

” OD Finished Header Flanges ” thick Small Block Chev Square Port rectangular, round, D port also available Part Number D .Also available with “, “, and ” OD.The Alexander Engineering Port Crossflow Cylinder Head The first Crossflow Head for the A Series Engine..

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