Biodegradation Of Waste Engine Oil Pdf

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Biodegradation of waste engine oil.pdf

Indian Journal of Biotechnology Vol , July , pp Enhancement of waste engine oil biodegradation by optimization of media using factorial design study.Fig. The GLC of waste engine oil aliphatic control. Result of aliphatic hydrocarbons degradation from waste engine oil by Pseudomonas aeruginosa. In months, eight aliphatic hydrocarbons were degraded from waste engine oil. They include C , C , C , C , C , C and C as shown in Fig..Biodegradation of Natural Oils in Seawater and Schinner, . Seawater contains a range of microorganisms that can partially or completely degrade oil to water .Thus, the disposal of waste oil is an extremely complex issue. To our knowledge, little attention has been given to the biodegradation of longchain hydrocarbons in used car engine oil. Development of a new waste oil disposal system that does not pollute the environment is desired..

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