Crower Regrind Cams

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Crower regrind cams%A

Dema Elgin has reground several cams for me. I also had Crower regrind a pair of cams for a DOHC engine for me that I was quite happy with. RichFox, . SHARE POST . Joined Posts ,. Profile Page. Rusty O’Toole. Member. from Ontario Canada. Pros, you get a new cam profile, on an OEM base, at low cost. I don’t know .What can be changed done when having a camshaft reground? I have a couple solid roller camshafts that are to large for my currently planned engine and was wond.These warranties do not apply to reground cams or components or WEB CAM products that have been physically altered and or used or installed improperly..I spoke with a Representative of crower cams a moment ago via their chat system . He told me while they do not offer cam’s for our cars, they do regrind for roughly $ per cam.

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