Cylinder Head Egr Port Description Corvette

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Cylinder head egr port description corvette%A

C Ask for help for Corvette models and people who drive them!.C Corvette Overview Late in , it was decided by General Motors that an all new generation of Corvette would have to be put on hold until as late as ..C Corvette Overview Although the C had already proven itself throughout the second half of the nineteen eighties, there was no question that the Corvette would be transformed forever with the arrival of the model year..

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Image Result For Cylinder Head Egr Port Description Corvettea

Find great deals on eBay for chevy ported heads. Include description. Categories. Cylinder Head .L With Egr Port In Head Fits SATURN L SERIES.Read the Chevy High Performance magazine’s technical article on adding tuned port injection to a small block cylinder head. Tuned Port Induction .

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