Cylinder Head Exhaust Port Shapes

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Cylinder head exhaust port shapes%A

Cylinder heads involve a lot more than just rocker arm ratios and valve spring installed heights. In this chapter I discuss formulas for converting combustion chamber volumes, exhaust to intake ratios, valve curtain area, port crosssectional area, and various other factors that affect the performance potential of any cylinder head..Porting Pointers. The objective of porting a cylinder head is to improve engine performance via constructive enhancements to the intake and exhaust flow paths. Before you get to this point however, it’s important to determine the rpm range of the desired power band and how you want to shape and position the torque curve The objective of porting a cylinder head is to improve engine .On the cylinder head, fuel mix or during cam overlap when the intake valve is starting to open at the start of the intake stroke when the exhaust port chamber pressures are higher than the intake port pressure. How steep one should go and the specific angles below the second degree concentric angle is, of course, proprietary for each headporting shop and each application FI vs. N A .Basic instructions of cylinder head porting to increase horsepower Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.

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