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The new Chimera cylinder head from Frankenstein Racing Heads are the company’s latest design and offer no compromises performance for the LS engine..Rebuilding the LT LT. LT in B body Wagon Chevy High Performance link. LT Swap Old Rob Cheek Page. LT vs LT Specifications. LT Hot Cam Specifications.The above form is required for all products shipped to Frankenstein Engine Dynamics. Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. Frankenstein Engine Dynamics will not accept, nor work on any cylinder heads or manifolds without this form..SUBJECTS COVERED CYLINDER HEADS. What are your core beliefs on air flow? How do you get the most out of a head? How do you shape the all important short turn?.

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We Test A Dyno Room Full Of New Chevy LS Cathedral Port Heads. Like most ideas, this one started out with a simple statement “Hey, let’s test a few LS heads.” From that innocent phrase came what would become the granddaddy of all LS cylinder head tests. Sure, we could have tossed them all on .Just like patterns establish the outer cylinder head dimensions of a mold, sand cores shape the internal cavities like the ports and water jackets..

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