Cylinder Head Port Epoxy

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Cylinder head port epoxy%A

Epoxy for intake port shaping Long story short I got burned on an ebay auction for a cylinder head. I used Devcon epoxy to fill in the intake port floor on a .Engine performance increases when you port and polish the cylinder heads in your car. Save money by doing the job yourself instead of a shop..Doing some serious head porting and polishing on a set of castings and need to know what type of filler epoxy to use in the pockets where.Basic instructions of cylinder head porting to increase horsepower Popular Hot Rodding Magazine.

I don’t know of any liquid epoxy that would not expand and shrink and eventually break off and get sucked into a cylinder or under a valve. But .Porting Epoxy. I have received numerous requests for the epoxy brand that I use and trust now seems like a good time to spread that info out pun intended ..

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