Cylinder Head Port Matching On Chevy

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Cylinder head port matching on chevy%A

Thinking Outside the Box With Dart’s SHP Short Blocks and Top End Kits.As the s unfolded, it quickly became apparent that “longer, lower, and wider” was the prevailing design methodology. To power the automobiles that were steadily becoming heavier due to this [].I almost hesitated in calling this the Dragster section. In my day we used to call them “diggers”, don’t ask me why. Dragsters in the ‘s and in the ‘s were truly unique, as in, each one was somewhat different from all the others..

Thinking Outside the Box With Dart’s SHP Short Blocks and Top End Kits.Some of my older bud.s used to say, “square tubing is for trailers, round tubing is for dragsters”. Or, if you had enough square tubing laying around, you could build your dragster out of the stuff, like this old rear engine, flathead powered, digger .

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