Cylinder Head Port Plates

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Cylinder head port plates%A

Corvette AFR Head Cam Package C LS. > Corvette Performance Parts. Corvette parts and accessories for your C, C, Z, and ZR.., , , C Corvette Stingray Perforated Exhaust Port Filler Panel NPP Dual Mode Bi Mode Stingray, Z.I think the industrial engine had an port head while the Chevy II had siamesed intakes. Charlie Stephens.Compare specs on Nissan Murano models, including Murano S, Murano SV, Murano SL, Murano Midnight Edition and Murano Platinum.

We called all the cylinder head manufacturers we could think of and asked them what their most popular off the shelf performance cylinder head is.. I think the industrial engine had an port head while the Chevy II had siamesed intakes. Charlie Stephens.

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