Cylinder Head Port Work For Turbo

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Cylinder head port work for turbo%A

Things to look out for when adding a turbo to a non turbo car, some basic pointers. Like many modifications there is a lot more involved and if you are not careful adding a turbo can cause damage to your engine..Specifications of Honda engines BC and BA as well as BB, difference between them, are they as good as people say, their problems and how to solve them, motor oil consumption and filling amounts..Turbo FAQ , aftermarket exhausts, and answers to common turbo questions page More useful turbocharging tips and information. Back to Turbocharging FAQ page.Orio has Saab Parts, Saab Technical information Saab Accessories for the Saab X, Saab X, Saab , Saab , Saab , Saab , Saab , Saab Sonett Saab.

the problem with stroking the engine using a stock cylinder is that the port timing gets screwed up with the stroking, and its hard to correct it with out using aftermarket cylinders. i have spent an enormous amount of time developing my big bore engines, i make a stg two that makes hp in trail form, hp in race form..Korman street use engines come with a year , mile limited warranty. Korman Stock Rebuild. Our stock rebuilds are assembled to BMW specifications by our experienced and dedicated technicians rather than off a mass production assembly line..

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