Engine Cylinder Head Porting Kit

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Korman BMW Forged Racing Pistons . Our current piston dome shape is the result of years of Dyno testing and successful racing. This piston makes the most power with .Edelbrock Victor Jr. Cylinder Heads are designed for high output hp Chrysler HEMI engines. They feature fully CNC’d combustion chambers and CNC blended .GUY BROAD XK, , parts specialists Cylinder head and camshafts High tensile head studs A must for any high compression engine. Fitted with . diameter .Valve Cover Support Rails Application Fits ANY .L stock original valve covers To solve the squashing leaking problems that the .L valve covers are known for when .

Engine Porting Kit can help your engine generate more power When serious engine builders “blueprint” an engine, they’ll “port” or smooth off rough head castings .Find great deals on eBay for cylinder head porting kit and head porting kit. Shop with confidence..

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