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. Flow numbers by themselves are a poor way to judge a head. Important power producing features like velocity and wet flow cannot be seen in flow numbers. Our SAENZ flowbench will show average airflow over a specific lift range similar to the average horsepower and torque shown on an engine dyno test sheet..Find great deals on eBay for Flow Bench in Other Shop Equipment. Shop with confidence..A flowbench is not that complicated in that all it does it push or pull air through an orifice, with that orifice most commonly being a cylinder head. It then measures the amount and velocity or pressure of the air that’s being moved through the system, and gives the user the data..SF Flowbench The SF Flowbench is for serious engine builders and cylinder head porting operations. It includes the popular FlowCom digital airflow measurement system. cfm at in. of water test pressure..

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Image Result For Head Flowbench A

Find great deals on eBay for Flow Bench in Other Shop Equipment. Shop with confidence..Jack’s homebuilt flowbench click on thumbnails below for larger picture This bench was built to a plan published quite a few years ago by someone called Hyperflow..

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