How To Port And Polish Aluminum Cylinder Heads

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How to port and polish aluminum cylinder heads%A

Brodix Cylinder Heads IK cylinder heads for small block Chevys will give you big time performance. Made from revolutionary lightweight castings, these virgin aluminum, fully assembled cylinder heads are specifically designed for optimum versatility..The aluminum cylinder heads came from Pro Topline Cylinder Heads in New Zealand. In , Pro Topline became a division of Racing Head Service. Thanks to Pro Topline’s sponsorship, which was arranged by Greg Stokes, a pair of their Pro Thunder aluminum heads with rectangular intake ports arrived in February of ..BT at a Glance. The biggest change made to the EVO heritage was the move to an all aluminum short block. One of the obvious advantages of the aluminum bottom end is weight savings..Buy Blueprint Engines HK at JEGS Blueprint Engines Aluminum Cylinder Heads SB Chevy. Guaranteed lowest price!.

Selecting the best cylinder head for your application takes careful consideration and requires weighing many factors so you have the correct casting that .Buy Blueprint Engines HK at JEGS Blueprint Engines Aluminum Cylinder Heads SB Chevy. Guaranteed lowest price!.

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