How To Port Your Own Cylinder Heads

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How to port your own cylinder heads%A

While the LS heads are admirable performers in their own right, the LS offers a number of improvements both in terms of airflow and durability, making these heads a .Vortec’s “heart shaped” combustion chamber. The newly redesigned Vortec cylinder heads were intended to replace the swirl port Throttle Body Injection heads .Find Ford Performance Parts Super Cobra Jet Cylinder Heads M SCJ and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $ at Summit Racing! Ford Performance Parts teamed up with .PCHUN Burton CNC machined cylinder head Stage . Ford SOHC Pinto unleaded The cylinder head is one of the key engine components that ultimately determines the.

It took the aftermarket cylinder head industry about years to figure the same thing out, and to start offering high performance oval port heads for the big block .PCHUN Burton CNC machined cylinder head Stage . Ford SOHC Pinto unleaded The cylinder head is one of the key engine .

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