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Katsuko saruhashi

Katsuko Saruhashi , Saruhashi Katsuko, was a Japanese geochemist who created tools that let her take some of the first measurements of carbon dioxide CO levels in seawater..Katsuko Saruhashi’s pioneering work After graduating from Toho University formerly the Imperial Women’s College of Science in , she went on to study carbon dioxide in ocean water at the Meteorological Research Institute. In , she became the first woman in Japan to earn her PhD in chemistry from the University of Tokyo..Google Doodle celebrates Japanese scientist Katsuko Saruhashi on what would have been her th birthdaya date that falls on World Water Day. A fitting coincidence, as Saruhashi’s work has contributed greatly to our understanding of seawater..Katsuko Saruhashi, the great geochemist, who championed women in science, is the subject of a Google Doodle..

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A young Katsuko Saruhashi sat in primary school watching raindrops slide down a window and wondered what made it rain. Her journey for answers led her to become the first woman to earn a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tokyo in . Saruhashi is renowned for her groundbreaking .On her th birthday, Google Doodle honored the pioneering work of the late Japanese geochemist Katsuko Saruhashi, who became the first woman to earn a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tokyo in ..

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