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Anyone ever ported a set of BBC oval port heads?? how to infromation??.This is the fourth cc rectangle port Rat head we’ve tested and three of the four heads are almost identical in flow. The Jenkins head offers excellent flow throughout the entire lift curve all the way from . to . inch lift. Plus, the World Jenkins head delivers the best . inch exhaust port flow of any of the other three heads..SBC Brodix Oval Port Manifold SBC Brodix Oval Port cc Aluminum Heads We do not sell parts. These are pictures of work we have done for customers..A closed chamber piston will work on an open head with some clearancing, but an open chamber dome will not work on a closed chamber head. An . piston is USUALLY a closed chamber deal that will yield about . . using open chamber heads..

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PipeMax Creator Larry Meaux on Race Engine Head Porting.Oval Port Big Block Chevy Cylinder Heads The Big O The best way to illustrate the power potential of performance cylinder heads is on the dyno..

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