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LS LS FAST LSX Cathedral Port Intake A Team Performance mm LS LS LS LS Silver Intake Manifold Throttle Body Sheet Metal Fabricated Silver EFI THROTTLE OPENING Compatible with Chevrolet GMC Pontiac.Precision porting of late model Intake Manifolds and Throttle Bo.s. This is one of the most cost effective ways to boost your horsepower. Achieve an average of rwhp gain from our Basic intake manifold porting or rwhp gain from our Radical intake manifold porting GM LS Car Intakes only plus an additional rwhp gain from our throttle body porting..The Intake Mod cannot be performed on the L Intake Manifold. We can either modify the LS manifold on your car by selecting the “Mod Mine” option on this page, or we can send you a modified LS Manifold, and you could send us back your LS Manifold as a core by selecting the “Exchange” option..This mod will work on almost any car with a plastic intake and doesn’t take more than a day to do!! Thumbs up if this video helped!! Thumbs up if this video helped!! Check out this site for more info .

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In this tech article CAR CRAFT continues our LS stroker engine build by testing two different camshafts and four different cylinder heads on the ci small block .Yeah, we knowwhy bother with a .? It’s not a .L. Newsflash Not everybody wants or needs a .L LS engine. If that’s true, then why a .?.

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