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Chrysler hemi motor bore and stroke data, with deck heights, rod dimensions, crankshaft specifications, rocker arm and stand data.I almost hesitated in calling this the Dragster section. In my day we used to call them “diggers”, don’t ask me why. Dragsters in the ‘s and in the ‘s were truly unique, as in, each one was somewhat different from all the others..The FN P, also known as the FN Project , is a personal defense weapon PDW designed and manufactured by FN Herstal in Belgium. Created in response to NATO requests for a replacement for mm Parabellum firearms, the P was designed as a compact but powerful firearm for vehicle crews, operators of crew served weapons, support personnel, special forces, and counter groups..The bit era might just have been the most exciting time in the video game industry. Rivalries were never quite as intense as those between Nintendo and Sega, not to mention underdogs like NEC Hudson with the TurboGrafx and SNK’s Neo Geo. Nintendo knew that in order to take back market share from Sega, their Super Nintendo [].

Porting you way to cheap power! HorsePower’s Port and Polish for Power How To | Episode New high performance aluminum cylinder heads make great power..Check out this step by step guide to power porting your intake manifold using a grinder on an Edlebrock Victor Jr. intake manifold. Chevy High Performance.

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