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Porting polish flowbench%A

It is attached to the flowbench, and inserted into the port before and after each touch of the porting tool. But even using this tool isn’t as reliable as simply not enlarging the ports to begin with. But how then can airflow be increased, you might ask..Korek mesin atau bahasa kerennya Porting and polish. Sebelum lebih lanjut kita mau kenal dulu nih apa sih tujuan dari porting Ttujuan porting..Now is porting worth the money? well around yrs back a prominent F team paid a Swiss engineering company. million to rework there heads for a increase in max HP with no loss in mid range torque, and still be within rule book specs. and absolutely not be a visual change when examined and bench flowed! there is still some untapped .Cylinder Head Porting Flowbench ‘s? Dyno Runs? Dyno Runs? Hi I have a R and I’m wondering what kind of gains can I expect from a decent port job? This would be a pocket port job including mild work to the chambers too. Stock valve size..

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