Porting Polishing Hurricane Intake

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Porting polishing hurricane intake%A

How difficult to port intake manifold? I think he will do my next one as I switch to a Hurricane single My combo is pretty tight and porting and polishing I .Fact is we have Millions of dollars in sales since the s, and for one simple reason, PORTING AND POLSHING WORKS! That includes the Polishing part. a rough intake port keeps tha. Submitted by Anonymous on Wed, ..Comes at a cost of less volume than may be optimal for the motor. Intake porting is a procedure to address this. Like cylinder head porting, it is an end to end methodical hogging out of the runner and ports..This Stage features our upgraded intake and exhaust port design and is CNC ported for optimal Must be used with SE R Hurricane oval port MANIFOLD PORTING..

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