Racing Cylinder Head Port Design And Construction

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Racing cylinder head port design and construction%A

Porting is basically opening up, re configuring and re surfacing the ports of a cylinder head. Why port a cylinder head? The simple answer is to let the engine breath easier and more efficiently and therefore produce more power..Inside The Honda KC Type R Cylinder Head With Piston Racing. The change in port design and prerequisite for air tumble has effects in both fueling, .Services. Mike’s Racing Heads is a full service machine Every form of racing requires something different when it comes to cylinder head and manifold port design..Cylinder Head Upgrades. Our years of racing experience has given our cylinder heads a lot of high rpm abuse to look back upon. and then we finish port the heads..

Procedure for Placing an Order. All of the parts numbers are listed on the far left side of the parts table. Make a list of all of the parts that you .JCPPHV MXP $ Port Flow Cylinder Head . Your core is required to be sent in to have this modification completed for this price . .

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