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Saint valentine

Who was Saint Valentine and how did he come to inspire Valentine’s Day? In the early martyrologies, three different St. Valentines are mentioned, all .Free DVDs and Books St Valentine History, Saint Valentines Day Prayer Who is Pictures, St valentine Biography, Saint Day, Prayer, History, Massacre.Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine, who has become known as the patron saint of lovers. He was a rather mercurial figure about whom little is known..St. Valentine Catholic Church, Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. likes. Weekend Mass Times PM Vigil , AM, AM. Weekday Masses, AM .

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Image Result For Saint Valentine

Saint Valentine Italian San Valentino, Latin Valentinus , officially Saint Valentine of Rome, is a widely recognized rd century Roman saint commemorated on February and since the High Middle Ages is associated with a tradition of courtly love..In the year AD, Valentine, a Roman Priest, was sentenced to a three part execution by a beating, stoning, and finally decapitation all .

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